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2008-02-26 21:56:24 by Mistform35

I make songs for fun. Some are good, some are bad, and most will never be posted anywhere.


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2008-10-04 15:45:10

Hi i see u have played greencastle, and so have i, but i wanna ask u how to end the game! -.-' i just need to find alexia in houndsen manour or something and i dont know how to come there.. help please??

Mistform35 responds:

Yeah, uhh, I don't know if it's still applicable, but after you get to the manor, the game doesn't end. It continues for a long time after that.

To save her: go to the ocean city with the little turban people and go north into the valley of masks. Follow the path north, then go left at the first turn, and follow the path right, up, then left. You should now be at the gates to the manor. Enter and go right, and up the right sets of stairs until you go into another door. COntinue right, then up, and then left and into another set of doors (ignore the turn left, that's where the Dark Mage is, and I assume you can't get him yet). In that room, dialog will appear, and you'll be told to wear Alexia's ring. Go up, fight the boss. Good luck!

Once again, sorry for the late response.