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This one's solid. Cohesive plot that moved the narrative forward, technically better than the previous. Great work here. Didn't need the mom's spook segment, though, but the buildup was at least proper.

this is crap compared to your other work. Shirt plot, shit execution. Good practice.

You've taken the feedback and turned into something higher-level than your previous work. Your style's the same, but the storytelling and pacing fit into the correct structure and timeframe of anime openings. You nailed it here. Not too many revealing elements, nice synching and creativity.

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The idea is good and for being like... super pre-release, even pre-alpha, this isn't terrible. This is more of a proof of concept and it works, so just continue fleshing it out. Animations, levels, sounds, etc.

It's very, very short but it's also good. Can't say the concept is original, but it works.

Bad music choice, lack of being able to mute it is a real problem. Messy background, hard to tell what's going on in the foreground. Massive slowdown even on a high-end gaming computer...

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The perfect music to draw Dickbutt to.


The pianos are spastic, haha, but the background makes up for it. Nice contrast.

DarkMInds responds:

THough they are spastic, it still sounds good :D Then again.. I like Spastic.. and contrast... thanks for the review! ^_^


It has an Eastern European feel to it.

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I couldn't help but think that it looks really cold over there. Good job conveying a sense of place, although I can't tell if they're mourning a death or just killed someone.

P-cate responds:

killed,thank you!

I kinda thought you had taken inspiration from Brand when I saw the thumbnail. Well, turns out you redrew him. Nice job making him easilly-recognizable.

Submit this shit to Nintendo or something, or post it on their boards. I'd play the fuck out of a game like this. Great job. It's both gritty/new and old/retro. Very clean.

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